CFADA’s Palette and Palate Stroll

The third annual Palette and Palate Stroll was a super fun night filled with fantastic food, fine art and lots of wine! We started off in a great downpour, but even that didn’t discourage local food and art enthusiasts as they poured into CFADA member galleries to enjoy some delicious cuisine from Charleston’s finest chefs and new works by local and national artists. There was tons of mingling, meeting with friends, chefs and artists, everyone was greatly enjoying the evening and strolling through the city (we even got to see the sun towards to end of the event).

The event was created to raise money to support local art programs for young talented artists, but also in hopes that it will encourage more local residents to frequent Charleston galleries and restaurants in summer months. It gives many a great reason to dress up and come downtown, it was so great to see so many people walking arond the historic district with CFADA stickers. I also have to mention some food finds of the night that really sticked out: Kelly Wilson’s chocolate lolliepop with bacon was increadible (Cypress), also Charleston Grill’s goatcheese cake with mint was to die for. I also loved the smooth and delicious soups prepared by FIG and McCrady’s, both chefs opted for fresh local vegetables in season to make their soups and they wowed us all!

This event requires tons of work, but brings the “Best of Charleston” together in one night and it is so worth!


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