Check out XOBNI

My friend David Wooten who is in with the tech world told me about Xobni…Inbox spelled backwards…good one, Microsoft. I watched the “how to” video on the WSJ website and was very impressed. This product is really created for people like me – I don’t store junk in my house, but my inbox contains thousands of emails, I can say about myself that I am an email-junkie. I cannot live and work without my old emails…they are my best friends, they help me think and function.

So here is some info about Xobni:
It is the Outlook plug-in that saves you time finding email conversations, contacts and attachments. After a quick install, you’ll see the new Xobni toolbar appear in Outlook – and suddenly information will become much easier to find. When a new email arrives, the sender’s full communication history appears in the Xobni sidebar, including past conversations, attachments and contact details. Xobni also includes a blazing fast email search tool.


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