Google Youself Before You Apply For a Job

According to Star Tribune Minneapolis, seventy-seven percent of recruiters report using search engines to find background data on candidates. Of that number, 35 percent eliminated a candidate because of what they found on-line. And please note that it is not always just professional background information that they are after. I think this number is really astonishing, considering that only a decade ago, the only way how to learn about a potential candidate was to pick up a phone and call listed referrals. Is really everyone on Google now? Does it really mean that before you even meet your interviewer, he or she already made their mind about what kind of person you are…hey, but they found it on the Internet, it must be true.

What does it mean for anyone who is looking for a job? Are we going to have google ghosts who will not be employable because a more skilled candidate in the field of social media will snatch every great job out there- kind of like credit ghosts that cannot get a car loan or a credit card? So far, I only heard about examples of people who didn’t get a job based on a bad review “given” by Google. But how is one to build a goodle credit – I mean a good google credit…I guess I would start with a personal website that is professional and linked with as many reputable sites as possible. But wait, I am not the only one posting stuff on-line…

What if someone chooses to harm a person by posting terrible untrue facts on their blog? We all watch the Hills and the Gossip Girl…we learn our lessons… There is not much one can do about that…is there? Or maybe it forces us to be really, really good citizens, constantly living in fear that someone may post a lie about us…well, I don’t know, I didn’t really even think about this until I learned about those statistics…because it goes even further…concern friends google potential boyfriends of a friend, mothers google husbands to be of their daughters, clients google vendors, etc.

I feel like we are spending so much time on-line, managing and creating our on-line credit/identity, meeting new friends, doing damage control and sometimes we forget that we are real and some people do not care about our facebook, twitter or any other profile.

Anyway, in the meantime, I will keep on building my google credit, just in case…one never knows…


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