My Space is Bart, Facebook is Lisa

There is a battle of social media going on on the Internet right now. I have some friends that started early on Myspace and now I cannot get them to switch to Facebook. Facebook is totally addictive and clearly, I believe that it is superior to any other social media websites out there right now. Some websites state that Myspace is more male oriented and edgier – kind of rock and roll, on the other hand, Facebook got adopted by female audiences -kind of Sex and the City phenomena – sweeping the Internet by storm. According to Danah Boyd of UC, Berkeley, Myspace is supposed to be edgy and cool, and facebook is rather soft and mainstream. Boyd also offers some stats to support her claims (, in her research, she found that college students and post college graduates are flocking to facebook – facebook users tend to be better educated, have more money, want to try new things, are in their thirties and care about their privacy more than myspace users. It seems to me that Facebook has a lot going on for it – a piece of information that is very important for marketers like me. In terms of traffic, the facebook’s climb is upwards, while myspace is staying at the same level, one would say that it is almost decreasing. Lately, I noticed that Myspace has been receiving the same negative information as it started mainstreaming its profile. On the other hand, many facebookers got upset when their favorite hang-out spot received a face lift. I have not dared to check it out yet, as I love my facebook the way it is…it’s perfect to me…I am on Facebook as that’s where my friends currently “live,” who knows what “they” have in store for us next.


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