Freaky Accidents

Can you believe that Dave Freeman who recommended surfing naked (with sharks?) at night in Australia died after falling over in his California home and hitting his head today!?!? How freaky! This fall surely cut his adventures short – he was 47. During his life, he managed to complete half of the trips that he recommended in is book “100 Things To Do Before You Die.” Today, I had lunch with a lady who wanted to do something crazy before her 50th birthday, and so she trained and participated in a 5-day long bike ride to fight cancer from Madison to Chicago..she has never done anything like that before and couldn’t believe her own willpower. I liked that story.

I personally follow a book “1000 places to see before you die”…although I pick my own places…it always surprises me when I ask someone “where do you want to travel, what do you want to see or do next?” and they say, I don’t know…I am sure Dave Freeman would be surprised…I say make a list and go for it…freaky accidents happen every day…


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