Rehava Market Snapshot

I have been using for a while to see what other real estate markets are doing as well as to price homes in my neighborhood. Last week, rehava launched its new Rehava Market Snapshot – a new real estate tool that offers the same features as zillow, and much more. I showed it to my husband who happens to be a real estate agent (on the side as so many people today) and he was very happy with it as well.

Market Snapshot makes real estate buying and selling more transparent as it offers up-to-the minute MLS graphical reports ( The shift in the real estate industry is inevitable as today’s buyers and sellers can do most of the work on-line themselves; rehava understands that and is offering tools to make this process so much easier.

Rehava’s Market Snapshot allows buyers and sellers to receive current and up-to-date real estate information that is tied in directly into the Charleston County tax records, National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the local MLS.

“It is important for buyers and sellers to receive as much up to date information as possible about the current market conditions and trends. I am unaware of any other tool available to the public free of charge that has more comprehensive data including demographics, mapping tools and home sold versus listed price,” says Steve deGuzman, broker in charge of rehava.

The company teamed with NAR to provide its clients and public an access via rehava’s real-time MLS account which makes rehava’s Market Snapshot more accurate. “Our Market Snapshot pulls live updates,” continues deGuzman.

Market Snapshot reports include graphic data such as what is the supply of unsold homes in one’s neighborhood, how fast are homes selling right now, how do actual selling prices compare to listing prices in my area, and many more.


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