What is twitter? Must love the twitter song.

Some days ago, I posted on my facebook profile that I loved the twitter song. I have been bombarded by emails from friends who have never heard of twitter. I do wonder how many people currently are on twitter…as well as how all those new twitter friends who follow me actually find me. And why me? Well, I have a friend in NYC – also in PR – who told me that a PR guru started following him which means that he was doing something right…of course he had no idea how she found him. Well, I do not know how to do the twitting right…I am just messing around.

For those who want to know about http://www.twitter.com: Twitter is micro-blogging; short bursts of information that you get from people that you “follow” in the twitter world. There is also a group of people that “follows” you. People on twitter talk about what is going on in their lives as well as different industries like PR, politics, business and more.


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