Why you should not cut your PR/marketing budget

In times of financial crisis, many companies cut their PR and marketing budgets as well as their advertising budgets to save money. They look at their competitors and follow their example. For many, especially smaller businesses, this withdrawal from the media means that they will loose their visibility in their target markets and will not gain any new customers. Getting new customers in difficult times, when there is less money to be spent on products and services, is crucial to companies’ survival. Without integrated marketing and communication strategies, which essentially should be part of your word of mouth campaign, your company is practically invisible to a customer. When other companies are cutting back on their ad and PR budgets, your timing to position yourself as a leader in your industry is ideal as there is less competition. I suggest that companies allocate a budget for PR and marketing and find a PR professional to discuss their options. There are many PR professionals who can advice a small business on what is the right strategy to implement in this economy. My company Stylee PR and Marketing offers a free initial consultation to learn more about your business and find out if PR is the right marketing tool for you.


One response to “Why you should not cut your PR/marketing budget

  1. Great post. I agree 100%.

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