“A Journey with Mac” Praised by Local Experts

Here are some testimonials from experts who read Al Katz’ new book “A Journey with Mac:”

“WOW! What a Brilliantly Simple & Simply Brilliant book about how to have
a better business and a better life; with a comfortable & wise friend as a

Ed Pendarvis ’65
Founder, Chair Emeritus, Sunbelt Network
Author, “Buying a Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom”


“Journey with Mac”  written by Al Katz is an easy and fun read regarding business and management applications that can help any manager of people improve communication, accountability and time management.  You will find yourself rooting for the main character Greg, and may find some similarities in your own life. Al Katz will show you a way to improve your life and help you find a way to have fun again.”

Jack R. Krapf, CIMA, First Vice President – Investments, The Krapf Group, Merrill Lynch


2 responses to ““A Journey with Mac” Praised by Local Experts

  1. An associate of mine at Ridge Partners read this book and spoke highly of it. I assume I can purchase it online ? Amazon ?

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