Rehava-Real Estate Store Behind Dollar Billboards

Once in a while, a marketing campaign comes along that makes everyone buzz with curiosity and excitement. Such a campaign hit Charleston, South Carolina, on January 1, 2009, when the city got flooded with mysterious dollar billboards. Speculations started immediately. Who is behind the dollar billboard campaign; is it McDonald’s Dollar Menu or maybe Geico? Many guesses were off, yet some guessed correctly. The clever campaign was introduced by rēhava-real estate store that is slashing its commission in half, rewarding its buyers by giving 50% of its commission back at closing. Rehava has already rewarded $80,000 in rewards. 

Rēhava distinguishes itself from a standard real estate firm by using the most effective technology available, especially Web 2.0. In June 2008, the company embraced the inevitable changes happening in the real estate industry and introduced a new and innovative real estate model that rewards clients. The company is reinventing the real estate industry. Rehava’s revolutionary real estate concept is timelier now than it has ever been. Those who understand how real estate transactions work can see that their concept is a radical move towards putting clients first and giving them the most that a real estate agency can offer.


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