Learn from Al Katz How to Survive in 2009 and Prosper in 2010

dsc_1480_edit2Al Katz, prominent business coach, author, speaker and teacher, who offers solutions to most corporate crisis in his recently published book, “A Journey with Mac” is now introducing presentations focusing on How to Survive in 2009 and Prosper in 2010.

For a couple of decades, Al Katz has been serving as a “Personal and Business Coach” working with over 600 businesses and organizations as founder and Managing Partner of The Next Level, LLC; special attention being given to closely held businesses/practices and/or family owned organizations. Additionally, he holds the Alvah H. Chapman, Jr., Chair of Innovative Marketing in the Business School, continues to teach in both the undergraduate and graduate programs at The Citadel.  He also held the Robert A. Jolley Endowed Chair of Business Administration, Katz assists the Dean of the Business School in reaching out to the business community. He also holds various boards of director positions with local businesses and The College of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Please contact Vladia Jurcova Spencer at 843-345-3275 to book this speaker. Al Katz is offering his presentations free of charge to assist local businesses in times of financial crisis. Al’s upcoming presentation is on February 17, 2009 at 5pm. Please RSVP to Vladia@Stylee PR for more details as this event is by invitation only.




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