Coalition Carnival: It’s a Bloco Featured in the Charleston City Paper

amazon5The Charleston City Paper featured the Coalition Carnival: It’s a Bloco in an article on February 19. However, those who have not sent their rsvps in before Feb. 19 are not going to be able to participate as the carnival reached full capacity. We are very excited about the response from the community. Stay tuned for photos and a video for the carnival.

Renewed Arts Coalition gives block party
Come Together Now

In the beginning, Charleston’s arts community was formless and nameless. Darkness covered the abyss while a mighty wind swept over the waters.

That was then. This is now. A new organization has emerged, after an initial misstep and brief period of renewal, to give Charleston’s large community of artists a name, structure, and a unified voice.

But it began with a lot of bluster. Last summer, a group of passionate, well-meaning, and unorganized artists, calling themselves the Charleston Arts Coalition, tried to make the case for a “unified center for the arts.”

The idea was that a building in which artists could gather and work would be an antidote to arts groups being pushed off the peninsula. It seemed right for the time. Redux Contemporary Art Center and the Charleston Ballet Theatre were facing the loss of their venues along Upper King Street. Prior to that, PURE Theatre lost its venue. Cumberland’s shut down. And the American Theater has been redesigned so that arts groups can no longer afford it.

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