RE/MAX vs. – A Big Corporate Guy Picking on a Small Guy

After two days of voting on, overwhelming 11901 votes or 98% of votes say that rehava’s logo is NOT similar to RE/MAX’s one. Earlier this week, RE/MAX decided to go after for its logo, claiming that rehava’s logo is too similar to its own. Judging from the response to RE/MAX’s notice of opposition, the company didn’t think about its image when filing the notice. At least in the Charleston community, RE/MAX will be remembered for some time as a corporate bully. rehava offers 50% of their commission back to buyers at closing and Steve deGuzman of rehava suspects that his revolutionary business model may be the main reason for RE/MAX’s opposition to rehava’s trademark.


3 responses to “RE/MAX vs. – A Big Corporate Guy Picking on a Small Guy

  1. Do you think the Re/Max and Rehava names and logos look similar? is running a poll, here are the results after 3 days of voting:

    Yes 1% 221 votes
    No 98% 15763 votes
    15984 total votes

  2. Re/max has a long history of bullying the little guy, even their own agents.

  3. A Remax attorney has been writing us to change the name of our company because it resembles like theirs.
    Do you think it does?

    CAROLINA vs. RE/MAX, Intl.

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