Jason Calacanis Will Pay $250,000 to Twitter

There are still many people out there that have no idea what Twitter is nor will ever have a need to use it. However, some go as far as paying money to be listed on Twitter’s 100 suggested users list that is offered to those that sign up on Twitter. Note, I have not received a list when I signed up just some months ago which suggests that much has changed in the Twitter world since then.

Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis who already has over 60,000 earned followers is offering Twitter $250,000 to lock in a spot on the suggested list for two years and he is dead serious. Some reports suggest that people on the suggested list can gain over 10,000 new followers per day which offers a great marketing opportunity. I wonder: Doesn’t your message get lost among those hundreds of tweets that we all receive each day unless one is targeting those that “live” on Twitter. I also wonder: How many of those following you want to hear your message and how many start following you, just so you follow them back? I read somewhere that Twitter is this year’s Second Life and is riding a huge wave that will crash on the beach in a year or so (just like they all do). Just look at Myspace. I believe that as twitter gets more and more commercial the real geegs will run somewhere else and then markers will follow them there. It is a never-ending cycle. If I were Jason Calacanis, I will only make that deal for one year. But who am I to predict the future…:)

What is Twitter: It is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to post their latest updates.


One response to “Jason Calacanis Will Pay $250,000 to Twitter

  1. I was almost sure that Twitter would end up a capital producing venture; now it begins!

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