20 Artists, One Show, Robert Lange Studios, April 10, 6-9m


Yellow vs. Blue, a group show of 20 artists presented by Robert Lange Studios will take place on Friday, April 10 from 6-9pm. For this show, 20 artists created two works of equal size, one that is dominated by yellow and the other by blue. Complete artist list includes Karin Olah of Eva Carter Gallery, Austin Schuez, Joshua Flint, Kevin LePrince of Well’s Gallery, Fred Jamar of Charles II Fine Art, Adam Hall, Kerry Brooks, Megan Aline, Jeff Lange, John Duckworth, Nathan Durfee, Robert Lange, Amy Lind and Jessica Dunegan of Robert Lange Studios, Patrick Pelletier of John Dunnan Galleries, Kenton James, Charles Williams, Michael Porten, John Westmark and Michael Brown. Join Robert Lange Studios at 151 East Bay Street, Downtown Charleston, for an evening filled with amazing art, live music, wine and hors devours.

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