Electric Cars of the Future May Be Closer than We Think

Silicon Valley millionaire Shai Agassi has a plan to solve the climate crisis, create jobs, and eliminate our dependence on foreign oil in three easy steps as New York Times’ David Pogue reports.

Step 1: Persuade the world’s car companies to make electric cars with swappable batteries.

Step 2: Persuade governments to install millions of recharging outlets.

Step 3: When people want to go on longer drives, when there’s no time to recharge the battery, build battery-swapping stations all over the world.  Agassi is convincing governments to install all those power outlets for his electric cars. Israel was first to come on board. Denmark signed up next. Australia and Ontario, Canada signed up after. Governor Lingle of Hawaii was really the driving force behind getting Hawaii on board. Also San Francisco Mayor Newsome is planning to put thousands of charging stations all over his city.

Nissan and Renault have agreed to manufacture the first battery-swappable cars. Prototypes are already on the road. Agassi’ Better Place may be on the right track of creating a better world. To watch the video about Agassi’ plan on CBSNews, click here:



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