Your Next Job Could Be Just a Tweet Away- Using Twitter and other Socila Media Sites to Find New Career

Although we are living in tough economic times and the job market is shrinking, present day job seekers have many great options and online tools that were not available during the last recession. To find a career, one should still utilize traditional channels such as distributing resumes, networking, professional memberships, yet there are no limitations as to how creative and innovative one can get today. Many companies and employers look for job candidates online or at least they check their credentials on the web. It is absolutely important that job seekers create their profiles on Linked-in, Facebook, VisualCV, Craigslist, PlaxoEcademy, even create a video resume and post it on Youtube or Flickr. Also, check out Recruiter Earth with more than 9000 members, Jober Talk has over 1,000 who are actively talking about job openings and USAJobs for thousands of US Government jobs. There is absolutely no reason why you should not have a blog or a simple website as well. Another way how to get your foot in the door is volunteering or internships.

Sarah Evans who is the director of communications at Elgin Community College (ECC) in Elgin, Illinois, believes that your job could be just a tweet away and recommends using Twitter as a great option for job seekers:

Get the most out of your page

1. Make your Twitter presence “employer-friendly”

  • Put your job pitch in your Twitter bio (which is 160 characters)
  • Use a professional looking avatar
  • Tweet about your job search

2. Utilize your Twitter background. There’s lots of space you can use to promote yourself.

3. Include a link to an online CV or resume in your bio. Use a tool like VisualCV (see Dan Schawbel’s post HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume).

4. Establish yourself as an expert in your field on Twitter. It’s important to note that you should not misrepresent yourself. If you’re not a medical doctor, don’t play one on Twitter. As those on Twitter become interested in your content, when employers are looking at you, you’ll have more than just your resume to back up your knowledge and experience.

“It’s about who you know”

How do you get to know the right people? It’s not always about who you’re looking for, some people on Twitter are actually looking for YOU. There are many job recruiters who use Twitter to look for potential candidates.

Before contacting a recruiter via Twitter, check out:

  • Their bio
  • Follower/Following ratio (Have they been around a while? Do they follow people back?)
  • Click the link to their website
  • Ask others in your network whether or not the recruiter is a credible source

Here are a few recruiters representing different professions and industries on Twitter:

Christa Foley a.k.a. @electra – Christa is the recruiting manager and recruiter at Christa gives followers an inside look into her career at Zappos. She tweets out examples of negative recruiting interactions with potential clients, outreach she does with high school and college students, and ultimately looks for potential Zappos candidates.

Craig Fisher a.k.a. @Fishdogs – Craig is an IT and executive recruiter who co-founded A-List Solutions staffing firm. On Twitter he offers tweets on how to find a job in the web industry, hiring tips and tricks, along with professional career advice.

Jim Durbin a.k.a. @smheadhunter – A social media recruiter, Jim is active on the Twitter scene. His goal is to partner “social media gurus” with the right companies. Jim responds to followers’ questions, offers general recruiting advice and sends out “teaser” tweets for positions he thinks followers might be interested in.

Jennifer McClure a.k.a. @CincyRecruiter – Jennifer is an executive recruiter/coach. She often tweets out specific advice for job seekers, including words not to use on a resume. Jennifer is accessible to her followers and tweets about non-recruiting topics as well.

Laurie DesAutels a.k.a. @biotechjobs – Laurie recruits a specific niche, looking for senior level leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Her tweet stream includes links to other job search resources and lots of Twitter information.


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