Shine Shines this Week! Check Out Margo Kaufman’s Art Show May 21. All Day Music Festival May 23.


Shine, the very hip new Charleston restaurant, is hosting a couple of great events this week! On Thursday, May 21, check out Margo Kaufman’s “Found Objects, Installations, and Other Things” art exhibit featuring all sustainable creations.  Do not worry, shine’s gorgeous wallpaper will not be punctured, none of the artwork will be hung…they promise total installation…no footprint.  This art exhibit will be on display through June 6, 2009.  In addition, shine is hosting an arts & music festival on Saturday, May 23, featuring a variaty of artwork and music bands all day (rock, funk, soul and djs).

DJ Arthur Brouthers – you know him as the exclusive Charleston Fashion Week DJ – will be doing a show at shine on June 6 called “the history of house.”  This one is still a secret, but it’s gonna be wild!


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