Cinebarre on Location – Modern Drive-in Movie Theater in Charleston, SC

Since its opening last year, Mount Pleasant’s Cinebarre has been the perfect place for a date night for those wanting to catch a new movie and enjoy a beer or two. And those that prefer to eat their dinner while watching a movie, not before or after. I enjoy date nights at Cinebarre because of the intimate setting as this dinner and a movie cinema features much smaller theaters. Plus I love their chocolate cake!

The company that opened its first movie theater in Asheville, NC, now has 4 locations, offering a bar-style menu and wine and beer. Cinebarre is also available for special events. The company’s new service, Cinebarre On Location, is launching this month and taking movies to you.

Cinebarre On Location will show movies outside in different locations, accommodating up to 2000 people. All-you-can-eat menu will be themed to the movie being shown, beer wagons will accompany the food and DJs or live music will entertain for two hours before showtime. Cinebarre on Location is the modern drive-in, people will not watch the movies from their cars, but bring their chairs and blankets. The company is promising an awesome sound quality incl. surround sound. The actual screen is bigger than the one they use at Mt. Pleasant location. Here is a list of scheduled Midnight Special shows: Public Enemies on June 30; Bruno on July 9; Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Price on July 14; G.I.Joe the Rise of Cobra on August 6, and more to be announced!

Cinebarre On Location MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is a special subset of On Location at which the most anticipated movies are premiered at midnight the night before their release date.  This gives you the chance to see the hottest new movie before anyone else gets to see it.  And not only that, but YOU will get to see it on the biggest screen imaginable…OUTSIDE at Cinebarre. Tickets are only pre-sold online at or


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