Atlantic Green Conference features Mixson in its tour of LEED projects

The Sustainability Institute’s Atlantic Green Conference starts today, June 19, and while tickets to the conference are sold out, you can still get in on some of their tours – including the Green Residential Tour, featuring Mixson, Hunley Waters, and Oak Terrace Preserve. The tour runs on Saturday, June 20 from 12-2 and tickets for the general public are $15.

The Atlantic Green Conference brings together experts from a multitude of green building backgrounds: solar energy, jobsite deconstruction, LEED documentation, greening historic buildings, green roofs, and countless others. The conference is being held, appropriately, at 10 Storehouse Row, in the Navy Yard in North Charleston.

The Navy Yard is a high-density, mixed-use center in the heart of Noisette, North Charleston’s master-planned sustainable city-within-a-city. North Charleston is well on its way to becoming one of the nation’s most sustainable cities, as projects like Noisette and Mixson testify.


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