How Do You Find the Right Social Media Outlet(s)

Many organizations today stand in front of a dilemma how to use social media and which outlet(s) is the best for them. Social media is changing and progressing as fast as any other aspect of your business. For a small organization, selecting the right outlet means better results and also important time savings. However, choosing the right social media can be overwhelming.
Daily, we read about other organizations using Twitter, Facebook, Digg, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger and the list goes on….We also read about their successes using these outlets. Being a public relations professional at Stylee PR and Marketing, I am almost forced to use them all, but you as an individual or a small organization can pick. How do you select the latest and most effective from all new media that will assist you in marketing and growing your business?

First, you need to recognize your needs, what content you want to share, and find your target audience. Then you find the right outlet and devote a regular portion of your day to it daily. How do you find the right outlet(s) for your business or product? The first step is to research. Take a look at all of them; see what your competition is using. See if their tools are benefiting them. Do people know about them? Are they growing? Read blogs that mention similar products or services that you are trying to promote. Get educated about what’s out there.
Think about your content. Do you have a lot of photos to share? You may want to set up a Flickr account. Do you have a lot of video? You may want to create both YouTube and Vimeo (better quality video) accounts. Do you want to share your updates quickly with a large group of people, get on Twitter. Use a TweetDeck to manage your updates. Do you want to share your video, photos and updates with a group of friends or customers, set up a Facebook account.  Facebook is also great for sharing events and fundraising as you can invite a large number of people to your events (no printing cost). Are you starting a band, get on MySpace. If you are writing articles, you need a blog. If there are articles written about you, Digg them. Need to find other professionals in your field, set up a LinkedIn account.

The possibilities are pretty much endless, but you have to keep in mind that just creating an account is not enough, you have to diligently check it and update it. Your goal is to create a conversation, to set a trend. You can only achieve this if your message is relevant to your followers. You also need to devote time to any social media outlet that you select. Many businesses now use PR professionals to help them get set up and started. My advice to you is to check out all social media outlets, play with them, and give them a try. Remember that whatever you do, social media is supposed to be fun.


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