National Women and Girls Summit on October 16-18, 2009 in Charleston, SC

Approximately 60 million women worldwide have disappeared because of gender-based violence, 4 million women and girls are sold as property every year, and 7,000 females will contract HIV, often through rape. As violence against women does not discriminate against race, class, culture or age, the need for prevention is evident in the greater Charleston area.

The Zonta Club of Charleston is participating in the National Women & Girls Summit scheduled for October 16-18, 2009, at the Convention Center in North Charleston, SC.  The theme of the summit is “A Female Connection: Health and Beyond.”  This summit is not only an invaluable opportunity for girls and young women to learn about healthy lifestyles, but it’s a chance for our club to raise awareness of its offerings to other partners and sponsors as our club will have a booth at the summit.

Goals of The National Women & Girls Summit are to empower, educate, inform, enhance and promote optimal health for all females. Zonta’s role in the summit was creating a series of workshops for girls titled “Love Doesn’t Beat You Down.” Our focus is preventing domestic violence and abuse. The prevention of violence against women and girls is a serious problem in South Carolina and greatly influences the future relationships of girls and young women. Zonta club provides guidance to protect females and ensure healthy relationships, as well as aid in solid education and career choices and money management.

Surprise Celebrity Guests: Nancy Amanda Redd (Author of New York Times bestselling Body Drama and Cosmo Girl Spokeswoman),  Molesey Knox Brunson (Miss SC Black USA), Stephanie Smith (Miss SC Miss USA), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Actress and Activist) and Harriette Cole (Creative Director of EBONY Magazine).

Summit registration is $85 for each woman. Girls can attend for $40 a piece. So far, 350 attendees from 4 states registered for the summit.

If poverty, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, violence and trafficking has a face it would be female. The world’s plagues are rooted in gender inequality, and the only common solution is the empowerment of women.

To register, please visit


One response to “National Women and Girls Summit on October 16-18, 2009 in Charleston, SC

  1. I attended the Health Ministry Empowerment Tour 2009 this weekend with my daughter and we were enriched by this program. As I read the Imara Woman magazine I noticed that you offered a National Women and Girls Summit.
    I would like to know what the suggested age range is for girls and how I can be notified of the next event or summit?

    A co-worker gave me a brochre for the Empowerment tour otherwise I would not have known about the program and would have missed out on great fellowship and a wealth of knowledge from the vendors. I also invited my daughter and her best friend who knew nothing about the program. I wish that there would of been some advertisement for both of these programs. Thanking you in advance for your response.

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