Online Applications That Will Make Your Search, Collaboration and Analytics Easier published a comprehensive list of online applications and tools that will make your life and job easier. We only selected our favorites:

Aggregation & Collaboration

  • Alltop – one of the leading blog aggregators out there; check out the Journalism section as a good example
  • Digsby – get your IM, Email and Social Networks all in one place, that’s what Digsby is all about
  • Tinychat – create chatrooms on-the-fly; BackNoise is another good one for this
  • Gist – helps you learn more about the contacts you’ve made – all in one place
  • Google Apps –check out Google Reader or Google Wave
  • Instapaper – a fast, easy, and free tool to save Web pages for reading later
  • Utterli – another online chat tool you can use to start discussions via the Web or your mobile device
  • Skribit – let your readers suggest topics for you to blog about, and put an end to writer’s block

Monitoring & Analytics

  • ConvoTrack – a bookmarklet that enables you to see the entire conversation surrounding a post (see comments from Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, Reddit, etc.)
  • TweetBeep – the “Google Alerts” for Twitter – monitor keywords in Twitter and receive email summaries for free
  • Google Analytics and Google Alerts
  • SocialMention – a free, real-time social media search and analysis tool
  • Monitter – real-time, live Twitter monitor – lets you monitor Twitter for keywords, similar to features in some Twitter clients
  • Twitterfall – my favorite tool for following any topic on Twitter, powerful Twitter monitoring tool that displays tweets in a “waterfall” window

File Utilities

  • YouSendIt – easy way to share large files online
  • Twitpic – easy way to share photos via Twitter

For a full list of apps and tools collected by Jeremy Porter, please check out:


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