Story on our Client Rehava – The Most Read Story on the Post & Courier’s Website in 2009

Great news for Stylee PR (Charleston public relation and marketing firm)! Some months ago, our client rehava real estate store, which offers half of its commission back at closing to buyers (why pay more!), made news all over the country when RE/MAX decided to oppose its logo trademark registration, claiming that rehava’s logo is too similar to their own. After a couple of articles in the local and national newspapers and online blogs, all hell broke lose for RE/MAX as the public came to defend rehava.

Over fifteen thousand people cast their vote on (later reported as an all time record for the Post and Courier) in support of People sent emails to the CEO of RE/MAX and we recorded thousands of comments online within two days of Stylee PR breaking the news. RE/MAX decided to withdraw its opposition and rehava got its trademark. Using word of mouth in combination with the traditional and social media, we managed to spread the word about the potential lawsuit to hundreds of thousands of people.

Today, the Post & Courier announced that Rehava vs RE/MAX (or David vs Goliath) story was the most read story on their Web site in 2009, and a poll asking whether readers agreed that the logos were similar got more votes than any other poll.


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