Find Coworking Group Near You – Charleston Cowork

A couple of weeks ago I attended the very first coworking day in Charleston, SC at rehava real estate store. Twenty or so freelancers (some new faces and some like Sean of or Brad Brown of Brown Architecture that I have met before) that normally work from home got together in rehava’s comfortable modern office space with free wi-fi. Since its opening, rehava has been offering free wi-fi to anyone who works on the road, needs to stop by to check emails or do a quick search. In addition to using free wi-fi, there is a conference room – as you know a huge plus for those that work from home.

Working with other people can be incredibly motivating. There are coworking/meetup groups in every big city in the US and all over the world. The idea for Charleston Cowork came from Ken Hawkins of The work sessions are open to all freelancers that are looking for a place to work outside of the home office once in a while and want to share ideas. The sessions are held on Tuesdays from 10am to 6pm. The group is hoping to introduce free workshops after 4pm. Charleston Cowork is a non-profit organization.

Click here to head what CHARLIE MAGAZINE has to say about this new coworking concept!


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