Nothing Stopping you Now to Be Perfectly Fit

Perfectly Fit New Location

The beginning of June is going to be a pretty busy one for Stylee PR! Grand opening parties and new business launches are on my calendar. I personally will be kicking off the new month with a grand opening party of Perfectly Fit Wellness on June 7th from 6:30 to 9 p.m. The party is free and open to public. Perfectly Fit that offers training, pilates, yoga, and TRX with emphasis on injury prevention and muscle balance, used to be located at the MUSC downtown. The new location is at 1476 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Suite 10 in Mt. Pleasant!

Now that I told you about Perfectly Fit Wellness, there is nothing stopping you to get in the best possible shape of your life without worry over aches and pains!

Dr. Sarah Ellis, the founder of Perfectly Fit, will introduce her new team of trainers and physical therapists! On her Facebook page, Sarah has been highlighting some exciting door prizes, including free training and nutrition consultations, gifts from her partners like Aestheti Spa, The Great Escape Spa, Island Paddle Adventure, Air and Earth, The Foot Store, Acupuncture and Wellness of Charleston, Thrive Movement Therapy, Defined: Therapeutic Massage and many more!

They are also offering 35% off the first training session, 25% off the first training package and 15% off the first nutrition package purchased before July 1st, 2012 in the new location.


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