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Charleston Fine Art Annual Brings Art Collectors to Charleston, November 4, 6, 7, 2009

Over the past ten years, the Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association (CFADA) has grown from just a handful of founding members to 13 member galleries that continue to help transform Charleston’s art market and to set standards of professionalism.  This November, CFADA welcomes avid art collectors and nationally renowned artists to celebrate its 10th anniversary and continue the tradition at the Eleventh Charleston Fine Art Annual.  As Charleston’s premier weekend dedicated to the visual arts, the Charleston Fine Art Annual features more than 25 leading artists, exhibiting at CFADA member galleries and painting in Washington Park. The event takes place on November 4, 6, 7, 2009.  Proceeds will benefit Charleston County High Schools’ fine art programs.

Robert Lange Painting in the ParkThe fine art weekend kicks off on Wednesday, November 4 with the first of a new three part lecture series on Women in Art, organized by the Gibbes Museum of Art.  For ticket information on the lecture series, please visit http://www.gibbesmuseum.org.   The next event takes place on Friday, November 6 at 5:00 p.m., featuring an art stroll and gallery openings at CFADA member galleries. Each gallery will present works by prominent local and visiting artists who travel to Charleston every year to participate in this prestigious event. This free event is open to public.

On Saturday morning, November 7 starting at 9:00 a.m., locals and visitors alike will once again mingle and watch artists at work as they donate their time and talent to creating masterpieces that will be later auctioned off at the Charleston Art Auction to benefit the Charleston County High Schools’ art programs. The ever-popular plein air event, Painting in the Park, takes place at Washington Park from 9:00 a.m. till noon.

The Sixth Annual High School Art Competition, a platform for young talented artists to showcase their unique works, is part of the plein air event and will start at 11:00 a.m. at Washington Park. The finest student works will be on display and judged by a panel of celebrity judges. The winners will be announced at 11:30 a.m.

student art painting in the parkSaturday evening will be dedicated to auctioning fine works of art, featuring historically significant paintings and drawings together with contemporary works by recognized American artists.   The creations from Painting in the Park will be auctioned interspersed between other works.  The Charleston Art Auction will start at 7:15 p.m. at the Renaissance Charleston Hotel, 68 Wentworth Street, downtown Charleston. Reservations are highly recommended as seating is limited. Ticket are $50.00 (contributed to the Charleston County High School Art Programs, this includes a fully illustrated sales catalogue) per person.

Founded in 1999, the Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association is the source of fine art in the South and consists of the city’s prominent galleries. The association promotes Charleston as a fine art destination for avid collectors and passionate art enthusiasts and supports the artists of the future. CFADA has donated more than $140,000 to local high schools, the Gibbes Museum of Art, Redux Art Center and the Studio Art Department at the College of Charleston. For more information on CFADA, please visit http://www.cfada.com and for ticket reservations for the auction call 843-722-0128.

“Measure: Creatures Great + Small” on View at Robert Lange Studios this September

Charleston-based painter Robert Lange plays with scale by shrinking massive animals and blowing-up mini animals in a series of 25 new works entitled Measure: Creatures Great + Small. On view from September 4 thru September 30, 2009, at Robert Lange Studios, the show is a unique investigation into how the size of an animal effects our interaction with them.

At the modest age of 28, Lange was recently the American Heart Association’s featured artist.  He received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and is best known for creating bodies of work in a hyper-realist fashion.

In December of 2008, Lange’s acclaimed series Still + Life portrayed still lives with the addition of living elements such as birds and humans. In his upcoming Measure show, Lange is now giving the viewer a unique and whimsical perspective of nature; a tiny lion sits regally on a chair or a huge penguin follows a pedestrian down the sidewalk.

July event RLSSome humorous, some obvious, and some more subtler but in each painting Lange has illustrated how much animals are missing from our everyday by placing them in common scenarios.  For example, in one of the pieces for his September show titled, The Fox + The Pear, Lange has depicted a tiny fox sitting in a bowl next to a pear.  The fox is scaled to be the same size as the pear and in a charming way sits as though he isn’t a bit out of place.

“The reason for playing with the comparative size of each animal versus their surroundings is to make people take notice. There is an intrigue that is created and captivates the viewer by skewing the scales,” says Lange. “I can’t help but feel a certain amount of disconnection from animals and nature in general and a desire to bring both into my life and at least make people think about a possible addition to theirs.”

In The Viewer, one of the works from his upcoming show, Lange paints a giant owl being viewed by two people in a museum-type setting.  Due to the relative scale of the viewers and creature, the people appear overwhelmed by the twenty-foot owl before them. This piece exhibits not only the artist’s feeling towards how our natural world is now displayed but also his humbled feeling as an artist towards capturing the quintessential essence of the subject.

“I wish through realism to create a seamless feeling that makes people second guess if tiny pandas really exist or what their experience would be like to have a giant chipmunk standing next to them,” says Lange. “It’s import to me that I’m always asking questions of the viewers through my paintings and that my audience looks to find the answers.”

Measure: Creatures Great + Small series will hang at Robert Lange Studios at 151 East Bay St. from Friday, September 4 – Wednesday, September 30, 2009. The opening reception will be Friday, September 4, from 5:30 – 8:30 PM and the artist will attend.

Please visit http://www.robertlangestudios.com or call for more information 843.805.8052. Digital images are available upon request.

Home Grown Gallery Show at City Gallery Opening on July 25th

After the success of the first Home Grown Gallery Show in January at Martin Gallery, Anne Trabue Watson has decided to do another!  This upcoming show will be at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park.  It is coinciding with the closing of the Contemporary Charleston Exhibit and the taring down of Jonathan Brilliant’s amazing installation created out of Starbuck’s stirrer sticks.  The event will take place on July 25th from noon to 5:00pm with a closing reception from 5:00 to 6:00pm for the exhibit.  Home Grown Gallery Show is like the farmer’s market, but with A/C and no vegetables.  Enjoy the different tables of local artisians.  Some of the artists include Tina Christophillis – Painter, Fernanda Sullivan – Jewelry Designer, Anne Trabue Watson (me) – Hair Assecories, Ben Timpson, Tiffany Lippincott – Painter, and Ishmael – Graffiti Art, Linsey Moore, and Christina Whitson – Candle Maker.

Civic Action Exhibit Opening on June 25, 2009 at Charleston Civic Design Center

OPENING: June 25th, 5:30-8:00pm

EXHIBITION: June 26th -August 7th, weekdays 9:00-5:00pm

WHERE: Charleston Civic Design Center, 85 Calhoun Street


The Civic Action Exhibition is a showcase of local grassroots organizations and the work they are doing to improve Charleston. For the exhibition the Charleston Civic Design Center gathered a variety of different organizations to demonstrate how the work of each of the organizations contributes to a larger action that is
changing our city for the better.

The exhibition was centered around a simple question put to each or the organizations. “What is the most promising opportunity to improve our community, and what action will your organization take to make a difference.”

We hope that you will join us June 25th for the opening, when each organization will answer this question two ways. Starting at 6:30pm each organization will give a short five minute speech addressing the question, and they will also all reveal the showcase pieces they designed which will be displayed in the CCDC’s gallery space for the remainder of the exhibition.

Exhibition Features:
Architecture for Humanity
Charleston Holy City Bike Co-op
Charleston Arts Coalition
Louie’s Kids
Charleston Horticultural Society
Lowcountry Earth Force
Charleston Miracle League
Pecha Kucha Charleston
Charleston Moves
Pour it Now
Fields to Families

20 Artists, One Show, Robert Lange Studios, April 10, 6-9m


Yellow vs. Blue, a group show of 20 artists presented by Robert Lange Studios will take place on Friday, April 10 from 6-9pm. For this show, 20 artists created two works of equal size, one that is dominated by yellow and the other by blue. Complete artist list includes Karin Olah of Eva Carter Gallery, Austin Schuez, Joshua Flint, Kevin LePrince of Well’s Gallery, Fred Jamar of Charles II Fine Art, Adam Hall, Kerry Brooks, Megan Aline, Jeff Lange, John Duckworth, Nathan Durfee, Robert Lange, Amy Lind and Jessica Dunegan of Robert Lange Studios, Patrick Pelletier of John Dunnan Galleries, Kenton James, Charles Williams, Michael Porten, John Westmark and Michael Brown. Join Robert Lange Studios at 151 East Bay Street, Downtown Charleston, for an evening filled with amazing art, live music, wine and hors devours.

New arts coalition hopes to unite and inspire creative community in Charleston

The Charleston Arts Coalition Carnival: It’s a Bloco was a smashing success! Hundreds of people attended the festive event. The Charleston Arts Coalition set out to unite and inspire Charleston “creatives.” The coalition is currently gathering information to set a firm direction for the future. The coalition was created by the people and for the people and its actions will be guided by the needs of the local arts community. For anyone that wants to be heard, take a survey at: http://www.charlestonartscoalition.com/

Read my article in Charlestoncurrents.com to learn more about the organization.

CFADA Members Donate Much-Needed Art Supplies to Struggling High Schools

In celebration of the National Art Advocacy Day and to support struggling local public high schools, the Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association (CFADA) will donate over $18,000 to eleven public high schools located in Charleston County.

Each of the following high schools participated in CFADA’s High School Art Competition and receives a gift certificate from Artists & Craftsman Supplies. The participating schools are Academic Magnet High School, Burke High School, Charleston County School of the Arts, Clark Academy, Garrett Academy of Technology, James Island Charter High School, North Charleston High School, R.B. Stall High School, St. John High School, Wando High School and West Ashley High School.

Funds were raised at the association’s Tenth Fine Art Annual during a live auction sponsored by the Charleston Art Auction on Saturday, November 8, 2008. Each year, renowned artists from across the nation travel to Charleston to participate in the fundraiser.

“Every year, the donation from CFADA’s auction doubles to triples my standard art supply budget,” says Dona Dowling, art teacher at St. John’s High School. “This is an amazing gift. It allows me to teach with quality supplies and equipment, which means that my students have a higher quality experience. They are exploring more printmaking and sculptural techniques than would ever have been possible otherwise. We are now able to frame artworks, and partner with several businesses and organizations to have the students’ artwork viewed publicly.”

Some art teachers at local high schools have very little or no budget for supplies and equipment and students are charged a lab fee. In Title I schools such as St. John’s High School, a $25.00 lab fee is impossible for some families, and could stop a student from taking an art class.

“Adolescence is such a turbulent time. The self-expression, conceptual thinking and open imagination allowed in art classes encourages our next generation to think independently and creatively,” says Mrs. Dowling. According to the National Arts Education Initiative, students involved in the arts perform better in reading, social studies and math compared to their peers. Research also indicates that students involved with the arts are more likely to succeed in school and their professional careers as arts education strengthens students problem solving and critical thinking skills. Founded in 1999, the Charleston

Fine Art Dealers’ Association is the source of fine art in the South and consists of the city’s most prominent galleries. The association promotes Charleston as a fine art destination for talented artists, passionate art enthusiasts and avid collectors. Since 2000, CFADA has donated more than $200,000 to local high schools and arts’ organizations. For more information on CFADA, please visit http://cfada.com