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Find Coworking Group Near You – Charleston Cowork

A couple of weeks ago I attended the very first coworking day in Charleston, SC at rehava real estate store. Twenty or so freelancers (some new faces and some like Sean of ChucktownDeals.com or Brad Brown of Brown Architecture that I have met before) that normally work from home got together in rehava’s comfortable modern office space with free wi-fi. Since its opening, rehava has been offering free wi-fi to anyone who works on the road, needs to stop by to check emails or do a quick search. In addition to using free wi-fi, there is a conference room – as you know a huge plus for those that work from home.

Working with other people can be incredibly motivating. There are coworking/meetup groups in every big city in the US and all over the world. The idea for Charleston Cowork came from Ken Hawkins of TheDigitel.com. The work sessions are open to all freelancers that are looking for a place to work outside of the home office once in a while and want to share ideas. The sessions are held on Tuesdays from 10am to 6pm. The group is hoping to introduce free workshops after 4pm. Charleston Cowork is a non-profit organization.

Click here to head what CHARLIE MAGAZINE has to say about this new coworking concept!


Story on our Client Rehava – The Most Read Story on the Post & Courier’s Website in 2009

Great news for Stylee PR (Charleston public relation and marketing firm)! Some months ago, our client rehava real estate store, which offers half of its commission back at closing to buyers (why pay more!), made news all over the country when RE/MAX decided to oppose its logo trademark registration, claiming that rehava’s logo is too similar to their own. After a couple of articles in the local and national newspapers and online blogs, all hell broke lose for RE/MAX as the public came to defend rehava.

Over fifteen thousand people cast their vote on Charleston.net (later reported as an all time record for the Post and Courier) in support of rehava.com. People sent emails to the CEO of RE/MAX and we recorded thousands of comments online within two days of Stylee PR breaking the news. RE/MAX decided to withdraw its opposition and rehava got its trademark. Using word of mouth in combination with the traditional and social media, we managed to spread the word about the potential lawsuit to hundreds of thousands of people.

Today, the Post & Courier announced that Rehava vs RE/MAX (or David vs Goliath) story was the most read story on their Web site in 2009, and a poll asking whether readers agreed that the logos were similar got more votes than any other poll.

2009 Palette and Palate Stroll Post-report

The CFADA’s 2009 Palette and Palate Stroll was once again SOLD OUT. The event, created, organized and promoted by Stylee PR and Marketing, received much publicity in the traditional media as well as in online publications and broadcast media. 700 people (our max capacity) attended the event and ate their way through Charleston’s most prestigious galleries, all members of CFADA. Tastings included Sean Brock’s stone crab with creamed corn and Wadmalaw tomatoes; Chef Collins’mouthwatering yet simple tomato and truffle gazpacho. Carolina’s Chef Jeremiah Bacon prepared some incredible shrimp bites, and once again, Chef Kelly Wilson of Cypress wowed us with her sweet creations. This fun event would definitely not be possible without our amazing chefs and their culinary creations. The event offers a great opportunity to experience Charleston’s fine art galleries in a very comfortable way; attendees get to see a variety of fine art and meet local artists. And despite the heat and humidity everyone seemed to enjoy the fabulous summer evening. Over 250 attendees traveled to Charleston from Georgia, Upstate South Carolina, North Carolina, but also from NY and Florida. Proceeds from the event benefit local art organizations that use the money to fund their student art programs. Ayoka Lucas created a short vlog for her Charleston Magazine Style Blog.

Charleston Fine Art Dealers' Association's Palette and Palate Stroll Charleston Fine Art Dealers Association's Palette and Palate Stroll 8 Charleston Fine Art Dealers Association's Palette and Palate Stroll 9

How to Start a Successful Blog?

One of the first questions that I get when talking to my potential Stylee PR clients is: “How do I start a blog?” According to a recent study from Hubspot, who canvassed 167 small to medium sized business owners and executives, one of the most effective marketing practices includes a successful blog.

Starting a blog is very simple and it is also free, you do not need to buy a domain, just simply pick your blog name on one of the popular blog hosting sites like blogger or wordpress.  Here are five tips to get you started on the road to creating a successful blog.

1. Create great content – this is the most important thing you can do. Great content is what attracts users, and keeps them coming back. A blog with great content is also more likely to be discovered in search engines.

2. Pick a niche – picking a certain topic to blog on will ultimately be better for your blog in the end. It brings targeted readers are more likely to spend more time on your site and more likely to come back. If you advertise on your blog, targeting specific users will benefit you.

3. Don’t advertise too much – while advertising can be profitable for you, too much advertising can drive many readers away from your blog. Advertise, but don’t overdo it.

4. Create a schedule – posting on a schedule is good for two reasons. First, your readers know that you will be posting new content regularly. Secondly, it helps you stay committed and motivated in what you are doing.

5. Experiment – and have fun with it. It is your blog, it does not belong to someone else. You are free to do whatever you want with it. Don’t be afraid to try new things. There is no specific approach to blogging. What works for someone else may not work for you.

Want more tips on creating a successful blog? Go to http://www.blogging-in-action.com/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marcus_Johnston

Spoleto Scene Party, June 1, 2009

A Spoleto Scene cocktail party preceding the Dogugaeshi performance was held at the Ashley Marina on June 1. The party had it all – boats, sunset, amazing food creations by Iverson Catering, beautiful setting, and of course beautiful people!!

Create Free Profile on CharlestonCulture.com

The Charleston Arts Coalition launched its very first project, charlestonculture.com, on May 14 at Robert Lange Gallery. The launch sponsored by Shine, British Wine Merchant and DJ Icebread was a smashing hit and the website is filling with new profiles and calendar listings. The Coalition’s goal was to create a much-needed online venue for Charleston’s creative arts community. The website is available for free. It includes profiles (of artists, musicians, authors, chefs, dancers, restaurants, galleries, photographers, video producers, architects and more), calendar listings and postings.

Zonta Wine Social

Video from Zonta Wine Social produced by Palmetto Sky Video Productions for Stylee PR  and Marketing – May 13, 2009